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Why Do Women Take Multi Prenatal Vitamins?

Taking Vitamins for Two

Even if you already take a daily vitamin or supplement, switching to multi prenatal vitamins when you're pregnant or trying to conceive is ideal. That's because pregnant women need more of certain vitamins and minerals than the average adult. This is because while the fetus grows, her body reallocates certain nutritional resources, prioritizing the baby over the mother. For example, the fetus relies on calcium for proper development, and if the mother isn't obtaining enough calcium, her own bone density may suffer. Another example is iron—both mother and child need it to transport oxygen through the bloodstream, so she may need to take in more than usual to ensure that there's enough to go around.

Starting Before Conception

Many health care professionals recommend starting on a small prenatal vitamin regimen before conception, because a developing fetus requires high levels of certain nutrients early in the pregnancy. In fact, the first 28 days or so post-conception are some of the most important in the baby's development, but it also falls within a window during which the pregnancy may be undetectable. Instead of waiting to start a multi prenatal vitamin regimen until after confirming the pregnancy, many women trying to become pregnant start beforehand. This allows vital nutrients like folic acid to build up in their systems and be ready at the time of conception.

Supplementing Your Diet

As is always the case with a vitamin regimen, women should take small prenatal vitamins to supplement their dietary nutrition, not replace it. Still, restrictions like special diets and health conditions necessitate higher amounts of certain nutrients, so women can choose from different formulas of prenatal vitamins. For example, iron is a crucial mineral for pregnant women, as it can lower the risk of premature birth and helps develop the baby's muscles. Women who are vegetarian or anemic, though, may not be getting enough iron from their diets alone, making a multi prenatal vitamin that contains an iron supplement particularly beneficial. For women that already obtain enough iron on their own, though, getting too much can cause uncomfortable conditions like constipation and stomach upset, so not all prenatal vitamins contain particularly high amounts of iron. Because of the different formulas that exist, you should always consult with your doctor before starting a prenatal vitamin regimen, so you can make sure you get just the right amount of your vitamins and minerals.

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